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Ferrous Gluconate


Ferrous gluconate

Molecular formula: C12H22O14Fe 2H2O

Appearance and properties: yellow or pale green yellow powder or granule, slightly Caramel like odor.

Solubility: soluble in water (10g/100ml), insoluble in ethanol.

Main purposes: as a coagulant of tofu, flavoring agent, reducing agent and pH leavening agent of raw materials.

Usage, dosage and scope: This product is used for iron deficiency anemia, has no irritating to the gastrointestinal tract, and is a good food fortifier.

Physical property:

Appearance: Yellow green or pale yellow powder or granule

Ferrous gluconate (C12H22FeO14) content: 97.0~102.0 w/%

Dry weight is less than or equal to 10w/%

Ferric (Fe3+): 2w/%

Sulfate (SO4): 0.1 w/%

Lead (Pb): 2 /mg/kg

Total arsenic (As) = 2/mg/kg

Validity and storage:

Store in a cool, airy warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. The temperature should not exceed 30 DEG C. Keep the container sealed. Should be stored with oxidants, acids, alkalis stored separately, shall not be mixed storage.

Validity: 18 months 

Package: 25kg/ barrels.

Standard: GB1903.10-2015



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