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Calcium Sulfate


Calcium Sulfate food grade

Standards: Food Chemicals Codex Sixth Edition (2008), European Additives Act (EC), Council Directive (2008/42/EC-E516 Calcium), Sulphate, Japanese Standard of Food Additives, 8th Edition (JSFA).

Two series: Calcium Sulfate dihydrate and Calcium Sulfate anhydrous:

1. CaSO4 • 2H2O (the dihydrate form of calcium sulfate, containing about 20% Water of crystallization)

FD-19 food additive calcium sulfate (dihydrate) is mainly used in beer fermentation, enzyme preparation, colloid, meat products, canning industry, etc.

2. CaSO4

(Anhydrous calcium sulfate, made by high-temperature calcination of natural gypsum ore)

FA-20 food additive calcium sulfate (anhydrous) (special process) is odorless, odorless, and high brightness, used in industries such as baking, flour, and soy products that have strict requirements for color, odor, and taste.

Calcium sulfate, a food additive has the following prominent characteristics:

1. The whiteness is higher, reaching over 95, and the product has a good appearance.

2. Higher purity and less impurity: solve the problems of black spots and radioactivity.

3. No odor, no oil stains: Eliminates the odor of rotten eggs from traditional waterless processes, and completely solves the problem of surface oil stains after adding water to the product.

4. Similar products have lower moisture content and are more stable, meeting your need for formula consistency.

5. Authentic ore raw materials meet the strict needs of food safety.

6. Packaging: The packaging is a food grade three-layer paper bag, fully sealed, with independent inner and outer bags



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