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Polydimethyl siloxane emulsion

Appearance and properties: milky white sticky liquid

Application: used for fermentation, monosodium glutamate fermentation industry and food production in the process of defoaming, high hygienic requirements of food, medicine and other departments of the defoaming and demoulding, used in fermentation, papermaking, printing and dyeing, such as synthetic resin in the process of industrial defoaming in cosmetics for skin lubricating additive.

Usage: Usage: all kinds of food (except for foods listed in table GB2760 of 4) shall be used according to production requirements. In the fermentation of microorganisms and antibiotics and the process of printing and dyeing, the 0.1%-0.01% is produced before the foam is produced.

Physical property:

Validity and storage: 

Store in a cool, airy warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat. The temperature should not exceed 25C degree. Keep the container sealed. Should be stored with oxidants, acids, alkalis stored separately, shall not be mixed storage. Shelf life is 6 months, 5kg/ barrel or 20kg/drum

Implementation criteria: GB30612-2014



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