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Triethoxy (vinyl) silane

  • NJK-151


ENERGYCO CODE: NJK- 151        

CHEMICAL NAME: Triethoxy (vinyl) silane

CAS NO.: 78-08-0


Base Information

Chemical Name:Triethoxyvinylsilane

CAS No.:78-08-0

Molecular Formula:C8H18O3Si

Molecular Weight:190.315

EINECS No.:201-081-7

Hs Code.:29310095

Mol file:78-08-0.mol

Synonyms:Silane,triethoxyvinyl- (6CI,8CI);A 151;AH 151;DL 151;Dynasylan VTEO;DynasylanVTEU;EB 151;Ethenyltriethoxysilane;GF 56;Geniosil GF 56;JH-V 151;KBE1003;KH 151;KH 858;LS 2300;NQ 71;NSC 151;NV 1107;Polyscience VTES;S220;SCA 1613;Si 255;Sila-Ace S 220;Silane A 151;Silquest A 151;TM 12;TSL8311;Tri(ethoxo)(vinyl)silane;Silane,ethenyltriethoxy-;UC-A 151;Unisilan 612;Unisilan U 612;V 4910;VP-Si 225;VTES;VTS-E;Vinyltriethoxysilane;WD 20;WD20 (silane);YGO 1203;

Chemical Property of Triethoxyvinylsilane

Chemical Property:

Appearance/Colour: Colorless transparent liquid 

Vapor Pressure:3.09mmHg at 25°C 

Melting Point:<0 &deg;C 

Refractive Index:n20/D 1.398(lit.)  

Boiling Point:160.5 &deg;C at 760 mmHg 

Flash Point:34.4 &deg;C 


Density:0.904 g/cm3 


Storage Temp.: Flammables area 

Sensitive: Moisture Sensitive 

Solubility: Miscible with organic solvents. 

Water Solubility: decomposes 

Purity/Quality: 99% Triethoxyvinylsilane

Safty Information:


Hazard Codes:Xi 


Safety Statements:26-36 


Description vinyltriethoxysilane, is a vinyl-functional silane that may be used to improve the bond between glass fiber or mineral fillers and resins that are reactive towards the vinyl group. It is also employed to functionalize resins via free radical mechanisms - copolymerization or grafting - and to modify surfaces. vinyltriethoxysilane is mainly applied in these aspects: In the preparation of moisture-curing polymers, e.g. polyethylene. Silane crosslinked polyethylene is widely used as cable isolation, and sheathing mainly in low voltage applications as well as for hot water/sanitary pipes and underfloor heating. As a co-monomer for the preparation of different polymers such as polyethylene or acrylics. Those polymers show an improved adhesion to inorganic surfaces and they can also be crosslinked with moisture. As an efficient adhesion promoter for various mineral-filled polymers, improving mechanical and electrical properties especially after exposure to moisture. Improving the compatibility of fillers with polymers, leading to a better dispersibility, reduced melt viscosity and easier processing of filled plastics. Pre-treating of glass, metals, or ceramic surfaces, improve the adhesion of coatings on these surfaces and corrosion resistance. As moisture scavenger, it reacts rapidly with water. This effect is used widely in sealants.

Chemical Properties Colorless transparent liquid

Uses Vinyltriethoxysilane is used as an adhesive for glass slides. It acts as a coupling agent on inorganic substances blended into polymers that function as adhesion promoters, crosslinkers, and surface modifiers. Further, it is used to prepare polymers.

General Description Triethoxyvinylsilane(TEVS) is a silane coupling agent and an adhesion promoter which can be used for cross-linking and for providing an insulating layer with good mechanical and thermal properties.

Safety Profile Mildly toxic by ingestion andinhalation. A skin and eye irritant. When heated todecomposition it emits acrid smoke and irritating fumes.




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